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Not to be underestimated are the tolls which are paid along the A10.

In addition to the Highway Vignette -the so-called “Pickerl” that everyone must buy who wants to ride on Austrian motorways, come tolls to passing through the tunnel. Also on Italian motorways according to the section a toll is needed.

For most travelers, the “combined ticket” will be payed for the Tauern and Katschberg tunnels. The toll must be payed on the highway, in cash or by credit card. At most tollbooths there are separate lines for credit card payers, where you usually progresses much faster than at the cash ones.

The Highway Vignette is in any case to buy ans install prior before the use of the Austrian motorways. Drive on the A10 and other highways in Austria without Highway Vignette are penalised with high fees! (Currently there are 120 Euros)

The vignette can be purchased at all service areas before the Austrian border and the price is fixed. So it makes no difference in price, where to buy the vignette.

Caution: If you drive to Italy on many routes also a toll is due!

This list provides an overview of the current costs:

Motorway Vignette Austria in 2020

Vehicle type 10 Days 2 Month 1 Year
Motorcycle 5.40 € 13.70 € 36.20 €
Car and vehicle (under 3.5t) 9.40 € 27.40 € 91.10 €
All statements without guarantee.


Tolls A10 Felbertauern 2020

Road section Section detail Rate
Section 1 St. Michael – Rennweg and vice versa (Katschbergtunnel) 5.50 €
Section 2 St. Michael – Flachau and vice versa (Tauerntunnel) 5.50 €
Section 3 Zederhaus – Flachau and vice versa (Tauerntunnel) 5.50 €
Section 4 each trip through the main toll (Tauern and Katschberg tunnel) 12.50 €
Annual ticket each trip through the main toll (Tauern and Katschberg tunnel) 113.50 €
All statements without guarantee.