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The Tauerntunnel completed in 1975, 6.546m long is part of the A10 motorway between Flachauwinkl and Zederhaus in Austria and, with average 18,000 vehicles per day, the busiest road tunnel in Austria. It crosses the Radstadt Tauern between Radstadt in Ennspongau and Tamsweg in Lungau.

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Originally planned as a twin-tube highway tunnel, the building project was reduced for cost reasons only to an one tube shortly before the official start of construction. After the devastating accident in 1999, when parts of the tunnel for several hours in flames were the plans for the second tube are resumed and completed.

Since the opening in 1975 of the Tauerntunnel is known as Nadelor for the bulk of the traffic during the holiday season. Since the bypass options are very limited and the alternative route for many destinations on the Brenner just for its high traffic and its kilometer long traffic jams is known, the majority of holiday travelers wedges still on the A10 and through the Tauerntunnel .

Since 2010, the tunnel is finally in two separate tubes passable, mainly led to a substantial improvement in the traffic jam situation during the holiday season. Nevertheless, the tunnel many travelers also makes currently still a spanner in the hotel. Waiting times of several hours are not uncommon even in spite of the second tube to the weekends during the summer holidays.

Map of Tauern tunnel

Video of the trip through the Tauern tunnel